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Detailed design of the parking lots

  • Detailed design and parking information
  • Detailed design of road surface markings for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Detailed design of traffic direction signals on the road surface
  • Plan and design in detail the area and mark the parking position
  • Equipment specifications, design, and arrange of traffic warning paint marks
  • Equipment specifications, design, and arrange of traffic safety warning devices
  • Equipment specifications, design, and arrange of safe vehicle reversing devices
  • Equipment specifications, design, and arrange of speed reduction devices

Parking signboard design

Implementation process

  • Survey
  • Locate & content
  • Technical specifications
  • Preliminary design
  • Outline layout
  • Quantity surveying
  • Preliminary estimation
  • Content design
  • Design illustration
  • Design documentation
  • Documentation of production and construction

Parking technology

  • Technology system to control vehicles, objects entering - leaving the parking lot
  • Parking space and parking lot information guidance technology
  • Traffic monitoring technology and parking operation
  • Automatic parking system

Why choose us

Ensure the prestige of our partners. Ensure the parking security and safety for vehicles
Responsible for cash refund 100% of the customer's vehicle value within 48 hours in case of loss of their vehicle or some parts
Different style and service standards
Customer care package, proactively take measures to predict and prevent problems that customers may encounter
The staff is honest - dedicated to serving customers, and trained according to the quality management system professional procedure ISO 9001: 2015, achieved the Fire Protection certificate issued by Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue

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