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Prestigious parking management service provider, more than 10 years of experience in the Parking field.
Businesses, investors, building management companies have many concerns that need to be addressed daily: work efficiency, labor productivity, business, customer relations ... So the Board of Directors will be less time to care about the safety of vehicles in the parking lot of the office, the building….
Mien Nam Parking Services Co., Ltd is one of the pioneering and most reliable parking management service providers in Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast, Western, Central Highlands of Vietnam….
As an international member of the "International Parking Institute" of Virginia state in the US, from 2006 to now with more than 1000 staff trained according to the quality management system professional procedures ISO 9001: 2015,attitude to servie sincerity - responsibility - conscientiousness, we have accompanied and brought business efficiency to hundreds of customers who have needs for consulting services, construction and installation of smart parking systems, as well as organization, exploitation and management of parking lots.
Coming to our company, customers will not have to worry about the parking service and the safety of the parking lot. We are committed to providing customers with a standard and completely different service style, creating value, giving your business a perfect service and bringing business benefits as expected.




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Years of experience


Mien Nam Parking Services is capable of taking on the role of the general contractor to exploit the parking lot from project planning to surveying, designing, providing technology equipment for smart parking systems, providing professional parking services with high-quality customer care and dedicated service to bring satisfaction to customers. All the above factors have brought prestige and success for Mien Nam Parking Services in the market.

  • Survey and analyze parking needs
  • Explanation of design basis
  • Traffic design planning
  • Detailed design and parking information
  • Detailed design of road surface markings for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Provide software, equipment, installment sale, rental of entrance-exit control system and automatic parking fee collection with RFID technology
  • Provide parking care, maintenance services according to high standards
  • Ensure the safety of vehicles and security in the parking area
  • Provide a service to assist your company with a fee collection on behalf service
  • Provide mobile parking spaces for outdoor events, festivals, exhibitions, ...
  • Provide mobile parking spaces for outdoor events, festivals, exhibitions, ...


Customers who are partners of Mien Nam Parking Services in recent years:

Why choose us

Ensure the prestige of our partners. Ensure the parking security and safety for vehicles
Responsible for cash refund 100% of the customer's vehicle value within 48 hours in case of loss of their vehicle or some parts
Different style and service standards
Customer care package, proactively take measures to predict and prevent problems that customers may encounter
The staff is honest - dedicated to serving customers, and trained according to the quality management system professional procedure ISO 9001: 2015, achieved the Fire Protection certificate issued by Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue

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